Howto for tickets

You can buy tickets for our mountain rail & cableways directly online. After completing your booking, you can download these tickets as a PDF in your user account and must then print them out.

What do I need on my PC?

On your PC you need a programme to open PDF files. Your PC either has this software installed as standard or you can download it free of charge. We recommend the original AcrobatReader from ADOBE.

What sort of printer do I need?

You need a printer that can print DIN-A4 paper in black/white. Please print out your ticket in black/white, full size (not reduced) and on white paper. In this way you ensure that your ticket can be easily and quickly inspected on the train.

When do I get my ticket?

You can download your mountain railway or cableway ticket into your user account immediately after purchase and the payment by credit card. The ticket is deposited there and can be downloaded again at any time.

Why must I enter my name?

Online mountain rail & cableway tickets are non-transferable on security grounds. They are always valid for the person named on the ticket. The holder must be able to present ID on request.

Why must I enter a date

Our mountain rail & cableway tickets are valid on the day previously selected by you, exactly the same as SBB tickets. No postponement of the date or an extension is possible.

How many times can I use my ticket?

You may only use your ticket for one journey. The customer will be subsequently invoiced if the ticket is used more than once.

Can I change my ticket?

No cancellations, exchange, refunds or cash refunds are possible. Lost tickets cannot be replaced. The tariff terms and conditions of Jungfraubahnen Management AG (GTCs) also apply.

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

Available between 14/12/2014 and 10/12/2016.


  • Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

What are the different reductions?

The GA travelcard is valid for 12 months and entitles the holder to unlimited travel within its area of validity (in the relevant class) and to 1st and 2nd-class travel at half price on sections within the Half-Fare Card’s area of validity. The GA travelcard is valid for the Interlaken–Grindelwald/Wengen/Mürren sections. A 50% reduction will be given on the remaining route network.

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The Half-Fare Card entitles the holder to purchase 1st and 2nd-class tickets at half price. It may be used on sections within its area of validity. The Half-Fare Card is valid for 1, 2 or 3 years and is a personal pass.

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Children under the age of 6 travelling with an adult always travel free. Children aged 6 to 15 with a Junior Card travel free when accompanied by a parent. The Junior Card is valid for 1 year and costs CHF 30.- per child and can be purchased at every train station in Switzerland. The accompanying parent must have a valid ticket. Each child must have an own Junior Card. The card is valid wherever the Half-Fare Card can be used.

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Swiss Travel Pass holders are entitled to unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel Pass network (1st or 2nd class), within the chosen period of validity. The pass is available to persons with permanent residence outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Swiss Travel Pass is valid for the rail sections Interlaken–Grindelwald/Wengen/Mürren. A ticket from Grindelwald and Wengen to the Jungfraujoch is available with a 25% reduction. A reduction of 50% applies to the remainder of the Jungfrau Railways network. The «Swiss Family Card» entitles children from age 6 to 15 to travel free when accompanied by at least one parent.

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The Eurail Pass entitles the holder to unlimited travel within the area covered by the pass (1st or 2nd class), for the chosen period of validity. The Eurail Pass is available only to people with a permanent place of residence outside Europe. A 25% reduction will be given on the entire Jungfrau Railways network.

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